HomeBirth AshLEE & Ambisamay

Choosing a homebirth was never something that was in my mind before meeting my husband in Colombia. I am a foreigner who has been living in Colombia for 6 years. Originally from the United States, I had heard of home births, but never thought too much about it. Over the years here, I began to understand the importance of the natural world and allowing my body to be how it was made to be. This was no exception when it came to becoming pregnant. Since the very first moment we found out we were pregnant, we knew a home birth with LUA was what we wanted.

From the beginning, Paloma and Amapola were supportive, open, and thorough with our consultations. The information and processes we went through in our labor classes were beyond beneficial. Not only did I know that we were doing the right process of choosing a home birth, but I felt like I had so much knowledge backing up my choice.

When the big moment came, Paloma and Amapola respected my space with my family. I labored for a long 36 hours and mostly alone with my husband in our bed, which is what we wanted. They guided us, encouraged us, and pushed us when we needed it. Everything was perfect how it was and we could not be more grateful that they received our healthy baby boy in the comfort of our own home.

Ashlee Thomas

Parto en casa La Calera
Abril 2022